Table 3

Demographics of participants

NBS laboratory staff
ProfessionNumber of staff interviewed
Director of NBS laboratory9
Consultant biochemist/haematologist2
Senior/ clinical scientist11
Length of serviceMedian 12.0 yearsRange 1.0 to 22.0 years
Length of interviewMedian 30.8 minRange 13.3 to 45.1 mins
Clinical teams
ProfessionNumber of staff interviewed
Medical consultant21
Clinical nurse specialist21
Screening specialist nurse/midwife5
Service coordinator1
Paediatric dietician1
Length of serviceMedian 11.0 yearsRange 1.5 to 23.0 years
Length of interviewMedian 33.4 minRange 10.4 to 54.6 mins
  • NBS, newborn blodspot screening.