Table 1

Zika virus infections and CZS cases reported to PAHO/WHO by countries in the South and Central Americas, Mexico and the Caribbean, 2016 – 2017* and the estimated number of CZS cases per 1000 births to pregnant women with Zika virus

CountryZika virus infections†CZSPopulation (’000) in 2016/17Annual births in 2016/17‡
SuspectedConfirmed (including imported)% SuspectedTotal suspected and confirmedIncidence of Zika virus (suspected and confirmed) per 1000 people per yearIncidence of Zika virus (confirmed) per 1000 people per yearCZS casesCZS per 1000 births (2016/17)
Brazil*205 997155 82056361 8170.860.37229520.507209 4282 911 930
Colombia100 255971791109 9721.130.0992480.19048 860652 112
Guatemala400310547950570.150.0311400.18116 793386 023
Dominican Republic52483369355840.260.015850.29610 708143 822
Puerto Rico36 871036 87110.0210.016470.892184026 357
Mexico11 791011 7910.050.045200.004128 8972 263 873
Costa Rica219949099701.021.019190.137488169 410
Panama478610598158450.720.130170.113404475 008
Trinidad and Tobago72207220.260.264170.475136717 883
Ecuador372230115567330.200.091140.02516 505283 020
Bolivia22168167330320.140.037140.02710 970255 713
Honduras31 3782669931 6441.810.01580.0228727184 312
Martinique37 99710037 99748.650.00050.6743903711
Guadeloupe32 250289932 27835.050.03050.5704604389
Argentina536276668120.010.00350.00344 059716 322
El Salvador12 46739912 4701.000.00040.0186262109 617
Guyana340340.040.04430.11538513 060
Nicaragua7516145513650.110.04920.0076184137 772
Paraguay10614881200.010.00120.0086768128 117
French Guiana10 742489910 79019.300.08510.0652797663
Haiti307710030770.280.00010.0025424247 025
Saint Martin158020088178055.636.25011.00016500
Venezuela61 70810061 7080.970.0000031 748602 123
Jamaica69581869771441.250.03200284635 164
Peru573712938170300.110.0200031 969502 591
Cuba13053248016290.070.0140011 439115 921
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines50584855895.770.82300511634
Saint Kitts and Nevis55433945875.590.3140052641
Antigua and Barbuda53725955622.970.13200941085
Virgin Islands (USA)40056874564.430.54300511415
Sint Maarten248148623964.771.7830041363
Saint Lucia28052843321.010.158001642103
Saint Barthelemy270618133136.786.77700472
Cayman Islands22930882592.250.2600057642
Turks and Caicos Islands19725882222.130.2400052518
Virgin Islands (UK)7453581271.840.7680034266
Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba9090.350.3460013346
Total548 623239 06370787 6863617
  • 1. Brazil Ministry of Health case definition for confirmed cases of congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection includes confirmed and probable cases per PAHO’s case definition.

  • 2. The number of confirmed congenital syndrome associated with Zika include two autochthonous cases and three imported cases.

  • 3. The reported number of suspected cases of Zika virus infection are estimates. According to Santé publique France, the estimated number of suspected cases is the sum of the number of visits recorded by the Decentralised Centres of Prevention and Care and the estimated number of people who sought medical care from a general practitioner for this purpose. The estimate is based on data collected by the sentinel physician network.

  • 4. The case reported by Santé publique France corresponds to a fetus with cerebral malformation of a mother infected with Zika.

  • 5. In addition to the five reported cases of congenital syndrome, Santé publique France reported 16 fetuses with cerebral malformations of mothers infected with Zika.

  • 6. Santé publique France reported 21 fetuses with cerebral malformations of mothers infected with Zika.

  • 7. In addition to the one reported case of congenital syndrome, Santé publique France reported 18 fetuses with cerebral malformations of mothers infected with Zika.

  • *CZS cases in Brazil occurring in 2015 are included.

  • †PAHO/WHO case definitions for suspected and confirmed Zika virus infections is available at:

  • ‡Total births were estimated as twice the most recent birth years if data were not available for 2016 and 2017: Honduras (2012), Haiti (2013), Grenada (2014), Trinidad and Tobago (2015), El Salvador (2015) and Guyana (2015).

  • §Confirmed congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection case definition: live newborn who meets the criteria for a suspected case of congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus and Zika virus infection was detected in specimens of the newborn, regardless of detection of other pathogens. Case definitions for congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection is available at:

  • CZS, congenital Zika syndrome; PAHO, Pan American Health Organization.