Table 3

Basic situation of unintentional suffocation of infants from 2009 to 2018

Infant sex
 Missing value120.3
Household registration
 Local household registration401997.8
 Non-local domicile residence for <1 year741.8
 Non-local domicile residence for 1 year or more60.2
 Missing value100.2
Birth place
 Provincial (municipal) hospital57714
 District and county hospitals214852.3
 Street (township) health centre115828.2
 Village (clinic) clinic80.2
 On the way180.4
 Missing value551.3
Location of death
 On the way to the hospital49912.1
 On the way home after hospital transfer or treatment61414.9
 Infant’s home190646.4
 Missing value2235.4
Die before treatment
 No treatment294271.6
 Missing value3398.3
Main reasons for lack of treatment or medical treatment
 Economic difficulties100.3
 Traffic inconvenience220.7
 It is too late to get to the hospital240681.8
 Parents do not think it is serious311.1
 Missing value35912.2
Diagnostic basis of the cause of death
 Pathological autopsies110.3
 Postmortem inference267965.2
 Missing value481.2