Table 1

Baseline characteristics of lung choirs

Frequency%P value
Name of choir?0.38
 COPD choir1050
 Lung choir945
Setting of choir?0.37
 Local formal music teaching organisation1470
 Local informal music teaching organisation00
 Local community health centre210
 Local church15
Time of existence of choir?0.37
 2 years or less630
 3 years840
 4 years420
 5 years or more210
No of participants?0.36
 10 or less420
 30 or more420
How often does the choir rehearse?0.38
 Several times a week15
 Once a week1155
 Every other week840
Duration of choir session?0.38
 1 hour945
 1.5 hours630
 2 hours420
 3 hours15
Population density0.36
 Thinly populated area (non-responders)9 (5)45
 Intermediate density area (non-responders)7 (5)35
 Densely populated area (non-responders)4 (3)20
  • Data are presented as numbers (%), and p values calculated with Pearson χ2 test. All analyses were performed in SPSS V.25.0, .

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.