Table 2

Background and experience of lung choir singing leaders

Frequency%P value
Gender of respondents0.40
Educational background of singing leader?0.33
 Music academy graduate—classical singing315
 Music academy graduate—popular singing315
 Music academy graduate—music pédagogique210
 Music academy graduate—instrumentalist210
 Music academy graduate student15
 University graduate—music therapy15
 University graduate—musicology315
Time having led a lung choir?0.36
 0–1 years420
 1–2 years840
 2–3 years420
 3–4 years315
 4 years or longer15
Interested in further education on COPD and singing?0.38
  • Data are presented as numbers (%), and p values calculated with Pearson χ2 test. All analyses wereperformed in SPSS V.25.0,

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.