Table 1

UK surveillance studies on COVID-19 in pregnant women and their babies

Name of studyInstitutionInclusionReporting byConsent requiredLikely coverage in Scotland
COVID-19 in Pregnancy47UK Obstetric Surveillance System studyAny women admitted to hospital in the UK with confirmed COVID-19 at any stage of pregnancyFront-line cliniciansNoHigh
Pregnancy And Neonatal outcomes for women with COVID-1948National Institute of Healthcare Research Imperial Biomedical Research CentreWomen who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at any stage during pregnancy and their babiesFront-line cliniciansYesUnknown as yet
Clinical Characterisation Protocol Tier 0 study17The International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection ConsortiumAny patient admitted participating hospitals in the UK with confirmed COVID-19Reporting is by research nursesNoLow but may increase
Neonatal complications of COVID-1917British
Paediatric Surveillance Unit
All babies born to mothers with COVID-19 who are admitted to neonatal care (whether the baby has COVID-19 or not) and all babies with confirmed COVID-19 in the neonatal period.Front-line clinicians.NoHigh
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome, Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome15British Paediatric Surveillance UnitAll children less than 16 years old (including neonates) with multisystem inflammatory syndrome due to SARS-CoV-2 infection or otherwise unexplained.Front-line cliniciansNoHigh
Understanding COVID-19 infection in women and their babies (periCOVID)49Public Health England and St George’s University LondonAny pregnant woman with confirmed COVID-19 infection from 24 weeks gestation in EnglandClinicians/research midwives and nursesYesNone