Table 4

Mean scores and symptoms of each reflux symptom index question in the participants

CharacteristicMean score±SDModerate or more severe symptoms prevalence (%)
Sore throat0.86±1.20769 (9.4%)
Sputum production1.31±1.422146 (19.9%)
Excessive secretions1.25±1.476137 (18.7%)
Dysphagia0.87±1.30992 (12.5%)
Coughing after eating, sleeping or laying down1.22±1.519133 (18.1%)
Breathing difficulties1.07±1.409113 (15.4%)
Extreme coughing episodes1.16±1.541131 (17.9%)
A sense of a foreign body in throat1.17±1.457112 (15.3%)
Epigastric burning sense, chest pain, indigestion, GORD1.69±1.643199 (27.1%)
  • GORD, gastro-oesophageal reflux.