Table 3

Comparisons between subjects with negative and positive reflux symptoms index

CharacteristicsPositive reflux symptomsPercentage (%)Negative reflux symptomsPercentage (%)P valueOR
Gender0.0841.390 (0.956 to 2.021)
Marital statusNS
Educational levelNS
Cigarette smoking0.0021.920 (1.273 to 2.894)
 Yes daily5021.46212.4
Shisha smoking0.1261.299 (0.929 to 1.815)
 Yes regularly7833.313927.8
Smoking both shisha and cigarettes2.323 (1.395 to 3.869)
 Yes regularly3314.1336.6
Age group (years)0.005*
Working0.0321.419 (1.029 to 1.957)
Type of workNS
 Clerk or in a restaurant107.6119.7
Medical conditions except gastro<0.0001†
 Allergic reaction1910.2163.9
Losing someone close due to warNS
 Yes a loved one or a close friend21.230.9
 Yes a relative9858.318755.2
Distressed from war noises0.0091.562 (1.117 to 2.183)
Changing place of living due to warNS
  • *This p value is among all age groups. However, p=0.012 when comparing age groups (0–30) years with older than 30 years and p=0.008 when comparing age group 18–30 years with older than 30 years.

  • †P value when comparing having any disease or not was p=0.003.

  • NS, not significant; SES, socioeconomic status.