Table 1

Manuscript review CME questionnaire template

Please identify sources consulted in completing review (check all that apply)As a result of completing this manuscript review I gained knowledge useful in my clinical practice:As a result of completing this manuscript review my practice behaviour will change*How would you rate using the manuscript review CME process?
Existing personal knowledge base (specialist in the field)N/A—I am an expert reviewerReinforced my practice behaviourExcellent
Referenced articles in manuscriptCompletely agreeCompletely agreeGood
Medline (PubMed)AgreeAgreeSatisfactory
TextbooksSomewhat agreeSomewhat agreePoor
Professional colleague(s)DisagreeDisagree
OtherCompletely disagreeCompletely disagree
  • *As a follow-up to affirmative answers to this question reviewers were asked to respond to the following open-ended statement: If so, please list specific behaviours that you may change.

  • CME, continuing medical education.