Table 4

A summary of recommendations for improvements of care and future research

Individual levelSystem-wide levelFuture research
  • Better side effect management

  • Education and information about late effects (management and prevention)

  • Health literacy and promotion of patient engagement in care

  • Consultation for partners and peers

  • Psychoeducation (promoting adoption of adaptive coping techniques)

  • Early physical rehabilitation (prehabilitation)

  • Structured support service for return to school or work

  • Streamlined schemes for financial aid for those in need

  • Age-appropriate services for adolescents and young adults

  • Assuring for quality care at smaller clinics

  • Better organised and multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment

  • Information on how to navigate services

  • Family planning and fertility preservation services

  • Signposting to support for mental health when active treatment ends

  • Mixed-methods approach with qualitative and quantitative analyses will provide a more holistic interplay of various factors

  • Longitudinal data collection

  • Moving away from assessing psychopathology and resilience as latent constructs, and instead look at individual factors and symptoms