Table 4

Top 10 recruitment countries/regions for registered studies sponsored by China, global studies and global MRCTs, by number of studies as of December 2018

RankStudies sponsored by ChinaGlobal studiesGlobal MRCTs
1Mainland China32 369USA128 857USA22 563
2USA125Japan42 247Germany19 972
3Australia60Germany37 886UK15 672
4Germany35Mainland China36 657Spain14 853
5Taiwan, China30UK35 963France13 915
6Spain28France29 649Italy13 829
7Italy26Canada25 348Canada13 573
8France24Netherlands23 682Belgium10 691
9Japan24Australia22 263Poland9740
10UK21Spain21 884Netherlands9480
40Mainland China2422
  • Data note: There were 1932 registered studies sponsored by China with absent recruitment countries/regions data, and the recruitment country/region was assigned to China after manual verification. Another 28 067 registration entries with absent recruitment countries/regions data were excluded from the analysis because the missing recruitment countries/regions could not be determined manually. In addition, 407 registration entries on JapanPrimary Registries Network only specified the continents of recruitment. The number of recruitment continents was used to represent the number of recruitment countries or regions in these entries.

  • MRCTs, multiregional clinical trials.