Table 2

Key variables available for the analysis from the 100 Million Brazilian Cohort baseline, from Bolsa Familia dataset and from mortality data

100 Million Brazilian Cohort baseline
Individual-level variables
 Age (at application)Continuous
 SexFemale, male
 Relationship with the responsible person for the householdResponsible him/herself, wife/husband, son/daughter, stepson/stepdaughter, grandchildren, parent-in-law, brother/sister, son/daughter-in-law, other relative, not relative.
 Race/ethnicityWhite, brown, black, Asian, indigenous
 LiteracyLiterate or illiterate.
 Level of educationNever went to school, preschool, literacy school, primary education (first stage—5 years), primary education (second stage—4 years), high school, higher education
 Monthly per capita incomeSum of income from work, donations, pension and others per divided by the number of individuals in the household in the given year.
Family level variables
 Municipality of family homeSingle identifier for every municipality
 Region of family homeSouth, South-east, North, North-east, Central-West
 Location of family homeUrban, rural
 Housing materialBrick or cement, Taipa, Wood, Other
 Household typePrivate, improvised but private, collective, others.
 Household water supplyPublic network, Well or natural source, cistern or others
 Sewage disposal systemPublic network, Septic tank, rudimentary tank, ditch, others.
 ElectricityHome metre, community metre, irregular electricity, gas lighting, candlelight, other
 Waste collectionPublic collection system, burned, buried, outdoor disposal, other
 Number of individuals in the householdContinuous
 Number of rooms in the household (including bathrooms, living room and kitchen if separated by walls)Continuous
Bolsa Familia Program variables
 Benefit starting dateDate
 Benefit ending dateDate
 Duration of the benefit receiptTime in years
Mortality system information
 Date of deathDate
 Place of deathHospital, other health establishments, household, street, others
 Municipality of deathSingle identifier for every municipality
 Medical assistanceYes or No
 Necropsy investigationYes or No
 Main cause of deathICD-10 categories
  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases.