Table 1

Attributes and levels included in the DCE

AttributeShort descriptionLevels
1Type of lockdown*How restrictive the lockdown is (refer to figure 1).Green
2Lockdown lengthHow long the lockdown is in place3 weeks
6 weeks
10 weeks
16 weeks
3Postponement of usual non-urgent medical careWhether non-pandemic medical care is postponed.All non-urgent care is postponed.
Some non-urgent care is postponed.
No urgent care is postponed.
4Excess deathsNo. of excess deaths as a fraction of 10 000.1 in 10 000 additional people die
4 in 10 000 additional people die
9 in 10 000 additional people die
13 in 10 000 additional people die
5No of infections†No. of infections as a fraction of 10 000.100 in 10 000 people infected
600 in 10 000 people infected
1300 in 10 000 people infected
2000 in 10 000 people infected
6Ability to buy thingsHow much of the same amount of goods that respondents buy today (represented by a shopping trolley) will they be able to buy in a year’s time.You can buy 100% of trolley
You can buy 90% of trolley
You can buy 80% of trolley
You can buy 70% of trolley
7Job lossesProportion of people who lose their job.0 in 100 loses job
4 in 100 loses job
15 in 100 loses job
25 in 100 loses job
  • *Descriptors for each type of lockdown are presented in figure 1.

  • †Number of infections is linked to the excess deaths.

  • DCE, discrete choice experiment.