Table 3

All-cause and cardiovascular mortality rates among individuals from the 100 Million Brazilian Cohort (N=92 million)

Deaths (×103)Mean yearly mortality rates per
100 000 person years at risk during the study period
Overall population (N=92 millions)
All-cause mortality rate1810286370199
Cardiovascular mortality
 All cardiovascular mortality rate (I00-99)432688156
 Cerebrovascular mortality rate (I60-69)113182015
 Ischaemic heart diseases mortality rate (I20-25)117192413
Individuals aged 30–69 years (N=34 millions)
All-cause premature mortality rate943482604344
Premature cardiovascular mortality
 Cardiovascular disease (CVD) premature mortality rate (I00-99)24312414798
 Cerebrovascular premature mortality rate (I60-69)63323628
 Ischaemic heart diseases premature mortality rate (I20-25)76395026