Table 1

Number of registered clinical studies sponsored by China and the distribution on ICTRP source registries as of December 2018

Source registriesSource of dataNumber of registered studiesNumber of registered studies sponsored by China
ClinicalTrials.govAACT292 58212 628
Japan Primary Registries NetworkICTRP37 80139
EU Clinical Trials RegisterICTRP29 79822
ChiCTRICTRP and ChiCTR20 02219 483
Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT)ICTRP19 1040
Clinical Trials Registry—IndiaICTRP16 65310
German Clinical Trials RegisterICTRP76211
The Netherlands National Trial RegisterICTRP74292
Clinical Research Information Service Republic of KoreaICTRP33790
Brazilian Clinical Trials RegistryICTRP26500
Thai Clinical Trials RegistryICTRP257818
Peruvian Clinical Trial RegistryICTRP17610
Pan African Clinical Trial RegistryICTRP17560
Cuban Public Registry of Clinical TrialsICTRP2950
Sri Lanka Clinical Trials RegistryICTRP2950
Lebanese Clinical Trials RegistryICTRP20
Total478 26132 557
  • Data note: Exact registration year was not available in 96 entries on IRCT, so these entries were excluded from the analysis.

  • AACT, aggregate analysis of; ANZCTR, Australian New Zealand clinical trials registry; ChiCTR, Chinese Clinical Trial Registry; ICTRP, International clinical trials registry platform; ISRCTN, International standard randomised controlled trial number.