Table 1

Measurements and time of measurements in the PROMISS trial

Screening visit
(prior baseline)
Baseline visit3-month FU visit6-month FU visit
TopicSpecific variables
Oral informed consent (phone)
Screening questionnaire (phone)Sex, age, self-reported weight, height, eligibility criteria
Protein intakePro55+ screening37 (phone)
Protein intakeCombination of three food diaries and three 24-hour dietary recalls
Written informed consent
Cognitive functionMMSE35
Physical functioning400 m walk test44 45
AntropometricsMeasured body height
AntropometricsMeasured body weight
DemographicEducation, household
General characteristicsPerceived health, smoking status
Body compositionBioelectrical impedance
Body compositionAir displacement plethysmography (Dutch site only)
Physical functioningSPPB49
Muscle strengthHand grip strength
Muscle strengthLeg extension strength
Self-reported mobility limitationsAbility to walk 400 m and climb one flight of stairs
Risk of sarcopeniaSARC-F Questionnaire66
MalnutritionBMI <22.0 kg/m2 or unintentional weight loss >5% in the last 6 months
FrailtyFrailty Fried Frailty Index64
Quality of LifeEuroQol 5D63
Healthcare costsRUD67
Physical activityAccelerometers
Process evaluation
Persuasive technology study
Communication style preferencesPersonality traits form
Usage data of technologyPractical experiences, interaction data of technology (number of notifications, openings, registered food intake, games)
Attitude towards technologyQuestionnaire
Microbiota study
Oral healthQuestionnaire
Oral microbiotaTongue swab (16S rRNA sequencing)
Gut microbiotaFresh frozen faecal sample (16S rRNA sequencing)
fMRI study
Oral microbiotaFasted unstimulated salivary sample (16S rRNA sequencing)
Nutritional and microbial markersBlood sample
AppetiteVAS scores of appetite and central neural responses to food-cues measured by fMRI scan
  • BMI, body mass index; fMRI, functional MRI; FU, follow-up; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; rRNA, ribosomal RNA; RUD, Resource Utilisation in Dementia; SNAQ, Simplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire; SPPB, Short Physical Performance Battery; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.