Table 1

Schedule of data collection

Data itemPrerandomisationPresurgeryIntra
Postsurgery (until discharge)Discharge4 weeks post surgery4 months post surgery
Sociodemographic details
Routine clinical measures
Resource use schedule
EQ-5D 5L
NRS pain score✓*✓*
Study medication✓†
Opioid use
Adverse events
Serious adverse events
  • *Routinely collected NRS pain scores as close as possible to the following time points may be used: prerandomisation, 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours postsurgery and two times per day postsurgery until discharge. NRS pain assessments will not be possible in intubated patients.

  • †Study medication given morning and evening for 2 days following extubation (where applicable).

  • BPI, brief pain inventory; NRS, numerical rating scale.