Table 3

Colour coding for type of lockdown attribute levels

Stay at home (shelter in place)Everyone (including vulnerable individuals) can interact with others.Vulnerable individuals should stay home (shelter in place).Vulnerable individuals should stay at home (shelter in place) and must have no visitors.Everyone must stay at home (shelter in place).
Socialising groupGatherings of up to 100 people.Gatherings of up to 50 people.Gatherings of up to 10 people.No gatherings beyond own household (own bubble).
Non-essential (other than groceries and work-related) tripsNon-essential trips are allowed.Non-essential trips are allowed.Non-essential trips should be minimisedNon-essential trips are not allowed.
Schools and youth activities:OpenOpenClosedClosed
Businesses (eg, shops) can operate under:Limited social distancingModerate social distancing, operate at reduced capacityStrict social distancing, operate at minimal capacityClosed
Outdoor activitiesAllowedAllowedAllowedNot allowed