Table 1

Characteristics* of CHNS microbiota study participants

Age, year51.8 (14.0)
Female, %50.2
Province/megacity, %
Urban population†, %39.2
Urbanisation index‡75.4 (17.5)
BMI, kg/m224.4 (4.1)
  • *Mean (SD) or percentage.

  • †Government urban/rural status (according to National Bureau of Statistics of China).

  • ‡Community-level, multidimensional 12-component urbanisation index derived from household and community surveys, range from 29.2 to 104.4 in this cohort. (Jones-Smith JC,Popkin BM. Understanding community context and adult health changes in China: development of an urbanicity scale. Social Science & Medicine. 2010;71(8):1436-46.)

  • BMI, body mass index; CHNS, China Health and Nutrition Survey.