Table 2

Qualitative interview protocol for the focus groups

Acceptability and feasibilityHow would you describe your experience of taking part in ‘ACTing Mind’ video game programme?
Accessibility of interventionIf this intervention were rolled out as a video game app, do you think you would download it? Would you appreciate the accessibility?
Process of changeWhat did you learn from this programme?
AcceptabilityWhat was the aspect of the programme that you liked the most? What was your favourite activity within the game (or applied to your everyday life)?
Suggestions for further improvementWhat did you least like about the intervention? What do you think could be improved?
BarriersWere there any difficulties to taking part?
Implementing change in everday lifeDo you practice mindfulness, acceptance, defusion and values? How often? Could you apply what you have learnt through video game intervention to the real world in everyday events? Will you apply this new knowledge to everyday events?
Process of changeHave you noticed any differences in your life as a result of taking part in ‘ACTing Mind’? If ‘yes’,
what are these differences?
AcceptabilityWould you recommend this intervention to someone you care about? Did you like the theoretical concepts central to the ACT intervention? How did you feel about its delivery? Was any of it too abstarct or difficult to understand?
Processes of the trialWas there anything you liked, or disliked about the study? How could we improve this study? Were all the instructions clear?
Adverse effectsDid you feel that any aspect of the intervention may have made worse any aspect of your anxiety, depression or stress? Were there any adverse effects that you can recognise due to the intervention?