Table 6

Men’s awareness and knowledge of maternal and child health matters

Awareness and knowledge of male champions on MCHN%
Ever heard of family planning
Meaning of family planning
 Control of family size6226
 Child spacing14561
 Preventing unwanted pregnancy3213
Men’s role in family planning
 Others (specify)00
 I don’t know00
Awareness of contraceptive methods for men
 Male condom14465
 Hormonal contraception, such as the pill3214
What ANC entails
 Taking care of pregnant women and their fetus16284
 Giving drugs and injection to pregnant women95
 Detecting and managing complications2111
Men’s role in ANC
 Financial support248
 Encouraging and reminding pregnant women10536
 Providing emotional and moral support10335
 Accompanying pregnant women to clinic visits6321
Knowledge of exclusive breast feeding (EBF)
 Breast milk alone12580
 Breast milk with little water32
 No knowledge2818
Knowledge of the duration of EBF
 Below 6 months137
 6 months13678
 Above 6 months106
 No knowledge169
  • ANC, antenatal care; MCH, maternal and child health.