Table 1

Results of Delphi panel

Focus of itemPercentage agreeing with item as worded
Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Pulse rate (wording of item)737088
Cut-off values for each category717784
Temperature (wording)587589
Cut-off values558189
Duration of temperature* (wording)5863
Cut-off values76
Symptoms of fever (eg, chills, shivers)297591
Cut-off values638795
Respiratory rate (wording)618584
Cut-off values768591
Shortness of breath (wording)397579
Cut-off values447993
Trajectory of breathlessness73
Cut-off values67
Oxygen saturation level657980
Cut-off values658582
Oxygen saturation level after exercise6875
Cut-off values8591
Clinical suspicion of hypoxia47
Cut-off values55
Tiredness (wording)428388
Cut-off values738984
Muscle pains or aches666482
Cut-off values4779
Risk factors (comorbidities)535786
Cut-off values82
Risk factors (demographic, eg, age, ethnicity)77
Indicators of shock (including conscious level, new confusion†, low or no urine output, cold and clammy, mottled skin)6164Moved to ‘red flag’ box to align with national guidance
Other red flag symptoms, for example, central chest pain7334
Clinical concern747786
  • *‘Duration of temperature’ was changed to ‘duration of symptoms’ after focus group discussion, with 8 days seen as the cut-off for clinical concern.

  • †New confusion was subsequently proposed as a separate RECAP item by focus group participants, who did not agree that it should be an automatic ‘red flag’ sign.

  • RECAP, remote COVID-19 assessment in primary care.