Table 1

Specific objectives and methodology for the adolescent health literacy project

1. Identify preliminary understanding of health concepts with adolescentsGroup interviews.(Composition): n=31 (16 girls, 15 boys).(Proposed): thematic analysis.
2. Explore domains of health literacy from an adolescent perspectiveCo-design workshops, vignettes and concept mapping.(Anticipated composition): n=30 approx.(Proposed): thematic analysis.
3. Exploring if the items are understood as intended by the adolescentsGroup interviews.(Anticipated composition): n=15 approx.(Proposed): refining item wording and composition from adolescents’ feedback.
4. Further refining of the items within the questionnaireCognitive interviews.(Anticipated composition): n=4 adolescents and n=4 education workers approx.(Proposed): Further refining of items within questionnaire via observation and interview questioning.
5. Pilot testing of the questionnaireQuestionnaire completed by representative sample of Irish adolescents within school settings.(Anticipated composition): n=200 approx.Test–retest reliability and confirmatory factor analysis.
6. Validity testing of questionnaire with nationally representative sample of Irish adolescentsQuestionnaire completed by nationally representative sample of Irish adolescents.(Anticipated composition based on sample size calculation): n=6052 approx.Test–retest reliability and confirmatory factor analysis.