Table 1

Domain/constructs, objectives and how the objectives will be addressed

Domain/constructsDescription of domains/ constructsObjectivesHow the objectives will be addressed
ImplementationThe structures, resources and the procedures used to deliver the intervention.To evaluate the resources, structures, and the procedures used to deliver the MODEL study intervention from the perspective of participants.Explore participants’ views on the clarity of information in the videos, counselling process and any other materials or resources provided during participation.
Mechanisms of impactParticipant responses to the intervention and mediating processes that may influence subsequent changes in outcomes.To assess participants’ responses to the MODEL study intervention and mediating processes which may influence the process of changing behaviour and subsequent changes in outcomes.
  1. Response to intervention—Gathering information on participants’ reaction to their level and extent of their blood vessel disease results (image and illustrative information), videos and cardiovascular risk factors.

  2. Mediators—Gathering information related to perceived risk of CVD, perceptions of CVD severity and susceptibility and perceived self-efficacy.

ContextExternal factors that may influence intervention implementationTo better understand the contribution of external factors which may influence intervention outcomes (ie, behavioural change).Identify participant characteristics (age, gender, employment status), community, socioeconomic status or other situational issues outside of the intervention such as influence from family and friends, information from their general practitioner, as well as access to information (internet, social media) that support change (or not).
  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; MODEL, Modification of Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle.