Table 8

Prevalence ratio (PR) of motivations to participate in HIV cure research based on gender, employment status, education and the belief that an HIV cure is available

Gender (TGW/W vstravestis)Employment status (employed vs unemployed)Education (at least high school vs until incomplete high school)Believe that HIV cure is available (Yes vs No)
PR95%CIP valuePR95% CIP valuePR95% CIP valuePR95% CIP value
Hoping for health improvements1.040.95 to 1.140.391.010.92 to 1.090.981.040.95 to 1.140.390.890.79 to 1.010.02
Contributions to scientific knowledge1.131.00 to to 1.120.770.920.84 to 0.990.080.950.85 to 1.060.25
Access to medical doctors/researchers1.090.99 to to to 1.070.771.000.92 to 1.100.92
Additional knowledge about HIV infection1.060.98 to to 1.090.310.960.91 to to 1.060.78
Care for community0.960.91 to to 1.070.641.070.97 to to 1.070.64
Feel good about contributing to HIV cure research0.960.91 to to 1.070.641.070.98 to to 1.070.64
Knowledge about new treatment options0.980.94 to 1.020.420.960.89 to to to 1.060.44
Potential for longer, healthier life for self0.980.94 to 1.020.391.020.98 to 1.050.471.030.97 to to 1.060.47
Laboratory work without costs1.020.92 to 1.140.631.081.00 to to to 1.130.68
Potential for longer, healthier life for others1.020.93 to 1.130.641.000.92 to 1.090.941.030.95 to 1.120.451.010.93 to 1.090.88
Payment for gas, parking or transportation0.970.88 to 1.070.531.020.92 to 1.130.680.960.87 to 1.060.451.091.00 to 1.180.15
Care for future generations1.050.93 to 1.190.421.020.92 to 1.240.721.050.93 to 1.200.401.091.00 to 1.200.12
Access to study nurses1.080.92 to 1.280.320.930.79 to 1.110.380.990.85 to 1.160.920.960.81 to 1.150.66
Free meals at study sites0.920.76 to 1.120.431.070.89 to 1.290.470.980.81 to 1.190.820.980.79 to 1.210.86
  • Bolded values represent statistically significant findings (p < 0.05).

  • TGW/W, transgender women and women.