Table 3

Analysis of the association between BT and outcomes

Variablesn/N (%)Crude OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
BT <36.0°C129/1323 (9.8)7.505.56 to 10.122.831.85 to 4.33
BT=36.0°C–36.9°C69/4860 (1.4)Reference
BT ≥37.0°C28/2829 (1)0.690.45 to 1.080.930.53 to 1.63
  • Adjusted by sex, categorised age, BT, type of injury (blunt or penetrating), categorised respiratory rate, heart rate, Glasgow Coma Scale, time of transportation and Injury Severity Score.

  • n/N: number of patients with mortality/total patients.

  • BT, body temperature.