Table 3

Clinical characteristics of 10 patients with type 3 adenovirus detection

IDSurveillance typeDate*Coinfection (influenza/ RSV test result)AgeO2/MVOutcomeHospitalisation duration
1PassiveMay 12Negative6 monthsYes, intubatedNot availableNot available
2PassiveMay 14Negative3.6 yearsMissingNot availableNot available
3PassiveMay 23Negative10 monthsMissingDiedNot available
4ActiveMay 23RSV3 weeksNoDischarged8 days
5ActiveMay 29Negative3.5 years02Discharged11 days
6ActiveMay 24Negative12 yearsNoDischarged13 days
7ActiveMay 24Negative1.2 yearsNoDischarged13 days
8ActiveMay 25Negative4 years02Discharged11 days
9ActiveMay 29Influenza A2.5 yearsNoNot availableNot available
10ActiveJune 18Influenza A1 yearNoDischarged13 days
  • All dates listed are for 2018.

  • *Date of sample receipt for cases obtained through passive surveillance; date of admission for cases obtained through active surveillance.

  • MV, requiring mechanical ventilation; O2, requiring any form of supplemental oxygen; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.