Table 1

Search strategy for Medline

Ovid Medline(R) all 1946 to 24 March 2020
1‘emigrants and immigrants’/ or undocumented immigrants/ or refugees/ or ‘transients and migrants’/31 455
2‘Emigration and Immigration’/25 055
3(migrant* or migration* or immigrant* or emigrant* or inmigrant* or inmigration* or outmigrant* or outmigration* or refugee* or transient* or nomad* or alien* or (asylum adj2 seek*) or (displace* adj3 (people or person or individual*)) or foreigner* or (foreign* adj2 born) or (new* adj2 (arriv* or comer*)) or newcomer* or visitor* or tourist* or traveler* or passer?by or ((permanent* or temporar*) adj3 resident*) or (international adj2 stud*) or (permit* adj2 hold*) or ((foreign* or temporar* or seasonal* or undocument*) adj3 worker*) or ((Non-naturali* or undocument* or non*) adj2 citizen*) or ((no or non) adj2 status*)).tw,kw.671 304
41 or 2 or 3685 727
5exp HIV Infections/279 098
6((Human adj2 immunodeficiency adj2 virus) or HIV).tw,kf.328 145
7(acquir* adj2 (immun?-deficiency or immun?deficiency) adj3 syndrom*).tw,kf.25 611
85 or 6 or 7399 273
9exp Health Services Accessibility/108 826
10exp “Treatment Adherence and Compliance”/239 082
11((Access* or link* or availab* or refer*) adj5 (treat* or therap* or screen* or test* or care* or program* or service*)).tw,kf.339 131
12((adher* or compliance* or nonadher* or noncompliance*) adj4 (treat* or therap* or care* or program*)).tw,kf.49 761
13((initat* or uptake* or start* or begin* or continu*) adj4 (treat* or therap*)).tw,kf.139 868
14((treat* or therap*) adj5 (uptake* or start* or initiat* or begin* or access* or link* or referr*)).tw,kf.202 976
159 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14860 012
164 and 8 and 151617