Table 3

Mean difference at four temporal moments of expansion of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic

Impact*Heroic†Honeymoon‡Disillusionment§P value
I can't help but think of recent critical situations. I can't get out of work.<0.001
I have completely lost the taste for things that gave me peace of mind.<0.001
I keep my distance, I resent dealing with people, I'm irascible even at home.<0.001
I feel that I am neglecting many people who need my help.
I have difficulty thinking and making decisions, I have many doubts, I have entered a kind of emotional blockage.<0.001
I feel intense physiological reactions (shocks, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, insomnia, etc) related to the current crisis.<0.001
I feel on permanent alert. I believe that my reactions now put other patients, my colleagues or myself at risk.<0.001
Worrying about not getting sick causes me a strain that’s hard to bear.
I'm afraid I'm going to infect my family.<0.001
I have difficulty empathising with patients' suffering or connecting with their situation (emotional distancing, emotional anaesthesia).
Total score8.510.29.812.7<0.001
Factor 1. Affective response2.<0.001
Factor 2. Fears and anxiety3.<0.001
  • N=685.

  • Scores from 0 to 3 points on each of the items on the scale.

  • Scores from 0 to 30 in total on the scale.

  • Score transformed from 0 to 10 points in factor of 1.

  • Score transformed from 0 to 10 points in factor 2.

  • *From 18th of March to 25th of March 2020 (less than 500 deaths per day).

  • †From 28th of March to 15th of April 2020 (between 600 and 900 deaths per day).

  • ‡From 16th of April to 26th of April 2020 (between 300 and 600 deaths per day).

  • §From 27th of April to 17th of May 2020 (less than 300 deaths per day).