Table 1

A table outlining the demographics (gender, university and year of medical school) of students responding to the survey (n=2721)

DemographicProportion of students, % (n)
GenderMale31.53 (858)
Female68.06 (1852)
Other0.40 (11)
UniversityUniversity of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry1.76 (48)
Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine2.21 (60)
Aston University Medical School0.07 (2)
Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry6.39 (174)
University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences1.76 (48)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School0.44 (12)
University of Bristol Medical School3.20 (87)
University of Buckingham Medical School0.77 (21)
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine1.29 (35)
Cardiff University School of Medicine9.22 (251)
University of Dundee School of Medicine0.40 (11)
The University of Edinburgh Medical School0.44 (12)
University of Exeter Medical School2.06 (56)
University of Glasgow School of Medicine0.70 (19)
Hull York Medical School3.86 (105)
Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine3.93 (107)
Keele University School of Medicine0.85 (23)
Kent and Medway Medical School0.04 (1)
King’s College London GKT School of Medical Education10.11 (275)
Lancaster University Medical School0.15 (4)
University of Leeds School of Medicine4.96 (135)
University of Leicester Medical School2.87 (78)
University of Liverpool School of Medicine8.38 (228)
University of Manchester Medical School4.52 (123)
Newcastle University School of Medical Education3.34 (91)
Norwich Medical School7.02 (191)
University of Nottingham School of Medicine3.31 (90)
University of Nottingham - Lincoln Medical School0.07 (2)
University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division2.24 (61)
Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry0.55 (15)
Queen’s University Belfast School of Medicine0.92 (25)
University of Sheffield Medical School0.99 (27)
University of Southampton School of Medicine1.98 (54)
University of St Andrews School of Medicine0.33 (9)
St George’s, University of London2.46 (67)
University of Sunderland School of Medicine0.00 (0)
Swansea University Medical School0.11 (3)
University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine1.73 (47)
University College London Medical School2.46 (67)
University of Warwick Medical School2.09 (57)
YearPreclinical year 123.19 (631)
Preclinical year 219.85 (540)
Year 327.20 (740)
Penultimate clinical year20.62 (561)
Final clinical year4.52 (123)
Intercalating4.63 (126)