Table 2

A table displaying students’ perceptions on their experiences of online teaching, ranked on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, where 1=strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree. Likert scores have been shown as mean±SD

The teaching is often stimulating2.751.18
I find it easy to engage in the lesson2.551.30
I feel able to ask the questions I want2.701.53
I enjoy the online teaching2.621.37
I would like the online teaching to be more interactive3.041.44
I feel that online teaching is as effective as face-to-face teaching1.921.45
I prefer online teaching to face-to-face teaching1.691.48
The teachers are well prepared for the teaching sessions3.361.42
I feel I am being well prepared for my profession2.281.33
My Internet connection can be problematic2.531.74