Table 1

Characteristics of included trials

StudiesSize (n)Mean ageFemale (%)Metoprolol maximum dose/dayComparison dose/dayTime of treatmentDefinition of AFECG monitoringSurgery type
Acikel et al221106028100 mgCarvedilol
25 mg
3 days preoperatively, discontinued on the morning of surgeryAF >30 sContinuous ECGCABG
Auer et al202536540100 mgPlacebo; sotalol
240 mg
24–48 hours preoperativelyAF >5 minContinuous ECGCABG, valve
Haghjoo et al231206147100 mgCarvedilol
50 mg
10 days preoperativelyAF >5 minContinuous ECGCABG
Halonen et al183166318.6Intravenous 1–3 mg/hourAmiodarone
15 mg/kg bodyweight
Within 24 hours after cardiac surgery continued for 48 hoursFirst AF episode in the 48 hours postoperationContinuous ECGCABG, valve
Jalalian et al6150593125 mg two times a dayCarvedilol
6.25 mg two times a day
First postoperative day until 5 days postoperationAbsence P wave, irregular QRS comple x >30 sContinuous ECGCABG
Janssen et al2415158not reportedIntravenous 1 mg/kg, oral 50 mg three times a dayPlacebo;
sotalol intravenous 0.3 mg/kg, oral 80 mg three times a day
In the first hour after surgery and continued for 48 hoursSVTA >1 min with HR >100 beats/min or causing haemodynamic deterioration48 hours continuous monitoring
ECG after complained of palpitation
Lúcio et al211006127100–300 mg/dayNo treatment12 hours until 7 days postoperationNo definitionContinuous ECG for 2 to 3 daysCABG
Onk and Erkut1925157.54150 mg/dayAmiodarone
200 mg
1 week before coronary bypass surgery and during postoperationNo definitionContinuous ECG monitoringCABG
Ozaydin et al253116325.7200 mgCarvedilol
25 mg
7 days preoperativelyAF >5 minContinuous ECGCABG
  • AF, atrial fibrillation; CABG, continuous artery bypass graft; HR, heart rate; SVTA, supraventricular tachyarrhythmia.