Table 2

Vivli data sharing platform’s role in the data sharing ecosystem

StakeholderStakeholder roleVivli’s complementary role
Non-profit funderFunds trials and supports grantees to make data availableOffers non-profit funders a mechanism for their grantees to share data beyond the grant period
Academic researcherSharing and accessing dataProvision of metrics and digital object identifiers to measure open science behaviours in future grant-making decisions
For-profit funderSponsor trials and makes data accessible to researchersOffers for-profit sponsors a managed-access mechanism for sharing their trials
Research participantParticipates in trialsSafeguards participant privacy while maximising the benefit of their contribution
Clinical trialists and researchersConducts trials and/or conducts secondary research on clinical trial dataProvides a mechanism for data access, long-term archiving and data reuse
Journals and publishersPublishes findings from clinical trials and secondary analyses of clinical trialsProvides a controlled-access mechanism for journals and publishers that require clinical trial data to be shared