Table 1

Quantitative data contributing to the understanding of logic model constructs

#Logic model column/constructQuantitative
 3Prescription dataCFHH; problems documented in implementation log.
 7COM-BMQ questionnaire responsesCOM-BMQ, incorporating the Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire (Nebuliser adherence),54 one additional belief item, one intention item, one confidence item, and a list of barriers.
 9Interventionist training programmeStructured questionnaire on interventionist confidence after training programme.
 11Competency/fidelity assessmentStructured instrument for the assessment of interventionist competence.
 13Clinicians accessing adherence dataCFHH click analytics.
 14Adherence data trackingCFHH click analytics.
 15Participant accessing CFHHCFHH click analytics.
 17CFHH Intervention sessions delivered according to manual (fidelity)Project-specific structured fidelity assessment instrument.
 18Initial session, and then review at each clinic visitCFHH click analytics.
Intervention components for all participants
  20Self-monitoring adherenceCFHH click analytics.
  21Tailored education about treatmentCFHH click analytics.
  22Tailored patient stories (videos)CFHH click analytics.
Intervention components for those with adequate motivation
  23Personalised goal-settingCFHH click analytics.
  24Goal reviewCFHH click analytics.
  25Personalised action planCFHH click analytics.
  26Tailored problem solvingCFHH click analytics.
Immediate outcomes
 For all participants
  28Acute awareness of adherence/increased MotivationSubjective adherence single question (self-report estimate of adherence as a percentage); COM-BMQ.
  29Increased necessity and decreased concernCOM-BMQ and PAM-13.127
  30Increased self-efficacy/motivationCOM-BMQ single question about confidence to adhere; PAM-13.
For those with adequate motivation
  31Increased self-efficacy/motivationCOM-BMQ single question about confidence to adhere; PAM-13.
  32Increased habit/reduced chaosSRBAI automaticity-specific subscale of the Self Report Habit index to capture habit-based behaviour patterns128; CHAOS 6-item: measure of life chaos.53
  33Reduced barriersNo change in the group averages for The Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire—specific (Nebuliser adherence, BMQ 21-item54).
Intermediate outcomes
 35Increased adherenceNebuliser data (CFHH)
  • CFHH, CFHealthHub; CHAOS, Confusion, Hubbub and Order Scale; COM-BMQ, Capability Opportunity Motivation Behaviour Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire; PAM-13, Patient Activation Measure 13; SRBAI, Self-Report Behavioural Automaticity Index.