Table 4

Availability of finger-prick antibody tests post-MHRA withdrawal from market notice (websites accessed on 11 to 12 June 2020)

PillDoctor32 Still available Test appears to still be available for purchase
YourHealthFirst Clinic38 Still available Test appears to still be available for purchase
Summerfield Healthcare16 Not currently available Webpage suggests finger-prick antibody test still available but not available in subsequent drop down menu.
Doctorcall15 Not currently available“Coming soon”
Option on website to be notified when product is back in stock
WebMed Pharmacy34 Not currently available“Sorry the item you have selected is not currently available, please choose another option”
“Due to the high demand of orders, the antibodies blood test service is currently not available.”
Superdrug40 Not currently available"We have temporarily halted the COVID-19 antibody testing service. If you have any questions please send us a message through your account.”
Zava25 Out of stock“This product is temporarily out of stock.”
Option on website to be notified when product is back in stock
Better2Know19 Out of stock“Currently out of stock”
Website links to guidance from MHRA.
Antibody Solutions28 Out of stock/ modified test“Please note: these kits are no longer in stock; however, we are offering a full blood sample collection service, either at your home or at one of our partner clinics.”
Blue Horizon Medicals18 Modified test"Ordering this test will allow us to send you a vacutainer kit, which allows a healthcare professional to draw a venous blood sample from your arm. You should only order this kit therefore if you have access to a healthcare professional with the appropriate skills. Phlebotomy should NOT be attempted by those who are unskilled.”
Qured21 Modified test“A healthcare professional will visit your home to take a venous blood sample.”
"The antibody tests currently used by our laboratory are the Abbott test if you opt for venous blood collection by a healthcare professional, or the Siemens test if you opt to collect your blood sample yourself”
“These tests are currently validated for venous blood draw only, which is why our service includes an at-home blood draw from a healthcare professional. Home self-collection of blood using a finger-prick kit for antibody testing has been temporarily paused pending evaluation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).”
CityDoc14 Modified test“We are able to offer blood collection by the normal practice of intravenous blood sampling at our clinics across the UK and sent to our accredited UK laboratory for testing.”
Atruchecks Limited31 Modified test“PHE approved Abbott test in our accredited lab. Venous sample taken in central London clinic, off Harley Street (W1).”
London Medical Laboratory33 Modified test“This option is so you can arrange a home or workplace visit by a phlebotomist to take your blood for you.”
The Online Clinic (Online Clinic (UK) Limited)26 Suspended/ modified test“The self-collect home sampling service is currently suspended but will be back shortly. Please check back later.”
"The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency is currently conducting a review of self-collect blood samples for this type of test and the service is unavailable until that review concludes. We now offer a home-sampling service where a phlebotomist attends your home (or other premises) to collect the blood sample from a vein. "
MyHealthcare Clinic29 Withdrawn/ suspended"We have unfortunately had to withdraw the PHE Approved Antibody Home Testing Kits, per the unexpected Government / MHRA ruling on 26 May re private testing. We do not currently have a date for when these Home Tests will be next available to private patients.”
Medichecks37 Withdrawn/ suspended“Currently, the only way to get a private coronavirus antibody test is to buy a venous blood test where you will need to visit a nurse or health professional to have a sample collected from a vein in your arm. All private laboratories and private testing companies have paused self-collect finger-prick testing while the MHRA conducts its review. However, we are confident that this service will resume shortly once the laboratories have completed their validation studies.”
Babylon39 Withdrawn/ suspended“Important update on COVID-19 Antibody Tests. The MHRA (the government regulator responsible for medicines and medical devices) has asked that all COVID-19 antibody testing from finger-prick blood samples be paused. The MHRA decision has impacted all testing of this type nationwide.”
“The lab will not be offering further testing services until the MHRA have provided clearance to do so.”