Table 1

Predictors of good knowledge of antenatal and perinatal social services: univariable and multivariable logistic regression analyses

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Age (years)1.051.03 to 1.07<0.0011.021.00 to 1.040.055
Primiparous (vs multiparous)0.690.60 to 0.81<0.0010.720.60 to 0.86<0.001
Marital status*
 Married, living together with husbandRefRef
 Unmarried, living together with partner0.660.54 to 0.81<0.0010.710.57 to 0.890.003
 Unmarried and without partner, divorced or widowed0.830.50 to 1.390.4820.990.57 to 1.710.960
Educational level†
 Low (<10 years of schooling)0.600.45 to 0.79<0.0010.680.51 to 0.920.011
 Medium (10 years of schooling)RefRef
 High (university entrance level)1.391.17 to 1.66<0.0011.371.13 to 1.670.002
Employed before giving birth1.281.01 to 1.630.0411.120.86 to 1.470.389
Born in Germany2.191.75 to 2.75<0.0012.261.76 to 2.90<0.001
Statutory health insurance (vs private or other health insurance)0.580.46 to 0.73<0.0011.200.93 to 1.530.163
Health literacy1.051.04 to 1.06<0.0011.041.03 to 1.06<0.001
  • Multivariable analysis: n=2349; Nagelkerke’s R2: 0.10.

  • Good knowledge of services was defined by median split as knowledge of at least eight services.

  • Health literacy refers to healthcare scale of the HLS-EU questionnaire.

  • *Univariable analysis: omnibus test: χ2=16.22 (df=2), p<0.001.

  • †Univariable analysis: omnibus test: χ2=44.94 (df=2), p<0.001.

  • HLS-EU, European Health Literacy Survey; Ref, reference category.