Table 2

Predictors of utilisation of services provided by midwives during pregnancy: univariable and multivariable logistic regression analyses

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Age (years)1.000.98 to 1.020.741
Primiparous (vs multiparous)1.811.52 to 2.15<0.0011.771.48 to 2.12<0.001
Marital status*
 Married, living together with husbandRefRef
 Unmarried, living together with partner0.930.75 to 1.160.5430.850.68 to 1.070.180
 Unmarried and without partner, divorced or widowed0.550.32 to 0.920.0240.630.37 to 1.080.091
Educational level†
 Low (<10 years of schooling)0.620.47 to 0.820.0010.670.50 to 0.890.006
 Medium (10 years of schooling)RefRef
 High (university entrance level)1.381.14 to 1.670.0011.371.12 to 1.670.002
Employed before giving birth1.411.10 to 1.800.0071.090.83 to 1.410.539
Born in Germany1.561.24 to 1.95<0.0011.531.20 to 1.950.001
Statutory health insurance (vs private or other health insurance)0.710.55 to 0.910.0081.120.86 to 1.470.399
Health literacy0.990.98 to 1.010.394
  • Multivariable analysis: n=2428; Nagelkerke’s R2: 0.06.

  • Health literacy refers to healthcare scale of the HLS-EU questionnaire.

  • *Univariable analysis: omnibus test: χ2=5.15 (df=2), p=0.076.

  • †Univariable analysis: omnibus test: χ2=37.92 (df=2), p<0.001.

  • HLS-EU, European Health Literacy Survey; Ref, reference category.