Table 3

Forward model selection for recurrence-free survival before matching

HR95% CIP value
Epidural analgesia0.850.65 to 1.100.210
Pretreatment CEA*2.011.71 to 2.36<0.001
Anaesthesia time†1.311.04 to 1.660.023
Blood transfusion1.481.22 to 1.80<0.001
AJCC stage<0.001
 II vs I6.413.26 to 12.61<0.001
 III vs I14.647.48 to 28.66<0.001
Lymphovascular invasion1.281.02 to 1.600.030
Perineural invasion1.811.38 to 2.36<0.001
Signet-ring histology1.711.15 to 2.550.008
Preoperative C/T±R/T3.021.24 to 7.340.015
  • *On base-10 logarithmic scale.

  • †On base-2 logarithmic scale.

  • AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; C/T, chemotherapy; R/T, radiotherapy.