Table 4

Forward model selection for overall survival before matching

HR95% CIP value
Epidural analgesia0.760.56 to 1.030.075
Age1.031.02 to 1.04<0.001
Sex (M vs F)1.301.00 to 1.680.050
ASA class ≥31.821.38 to 2.40<0.001
Heart failure1.601.14 to 2.250.007
Chronic kidney disease1.441.09 to 1.890.010
Pretreatment CEA*1.441.13 to 1.830.003
Blood transfusion1.921.49 to 2.48<0.001
AJCC Stage0.001
II vs I1.190.80 to 1.770.379
III vs I1.811.22 to 2.700.003
Lymphovascular invasion1.491.12 to 1.980.006
Mucinous histology1.931.25 to 2.990.003
Postoperative R/T2.671.08 to 6.640.034
  • *On base-10 logarithmic scale

  • AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; C/T, chemotherapy; F, female; M, male; R/T, radiotherapy.