Table 1

Correlation between surgery, income per capita and supply-side variables across all states of India

Surgical procedures per 1000 populationC-section rate (% live births)Hysterectomy per 1000 womenSterilisations per 1000 women
All India3.117%0.82.5
NE India states2.818%0.50.8
R2 statistics
 Registered doctors per 10000.373*0.612*0.179†0.003
 Government doctors per 10000.281†0.234†0.102‡0.252†
 Beds per 10000.288†0.336†0.090‡0.094‡
 Gross Domestic Product per capita0.103‡0.280†0.0470.020
  • *Significant at the 1% level.

  • †Significant at the 5% level.

  • ‡Significant at the 10% level.