Table 4

Association of modifiable CVD risk factors with place of residence, n=846

Risk factorsPlace of residence (urban, rural)Place of residence (urban, rural)
P valueUnadjusted OR95% CIP valueAdjusted OR95% CI
Current smoking0.2421.4920.763 to 2.9180.1121.8070.872 to 3.744
Inadequate fruits and/or vegetables intake0.7921.0720.639 to 1.7990.7491.0940.631 to 1.895
Added salt intake0.001*0.6100.457 to 0.8150.013*0.6780.500 to 0.921
Physical inactivity0.5340.8950.632 to 1.2690.6731.0820.751 to 1.558
Underweight0.004*0.4380.250 to 0.7680.0680.5890.333 to 1.041
Overweight<0.001*7.0263.751 to 13.159<0.001*3.8122.245 to 6.470
Obesity<0.001*3.2881.965 to 5.502<0.001*7.4493.947 to 14.057
  • We adjusted all variables included in the table: current smoking, inadequate fruits and/ or vegetables intake, added salt intake, physical inactivity, underweight, overweight and obesity.

  • *Significant p value.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.