Table 1

Cities and counties represented in our study of paediatric OHCA

US census regionWest—PacificMidwest—East Central NorthNortheast—Middle AtlanticSouth—South Atlantic
Metropolitan areaPortland, Oregon (OR)San Bernardino/Riverside, California (CA)Milwaukee, Wilsconsin (WI)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)Atlanta, Georgia (GA)Total
County(s)Washington County, OR; Clackamas County, OR; Multnomah County, OR; Clark County, WashingtonSan Bernardino County, CA; Riverside County, CAMilwaukee County, WIAllegheny County, PADeKalb County, GA; Decateur County, GA; Fulton County, GA
Sex (% female, average)5150555252
Race (% white only, not Hispanic or Latino, average)8431648045
Per capita annual income (US$) (average)37 07724 28428 12136 90732 735
Paediatric population (N)497 1821 195 649226 974227 400413 8052 561 010
Expected number of eligible OHCA cases (2013–2019)*3488371591592901793
  • Demographic data are from the US Census Bureau, 2018.

  • *Eligible based on study inclusion criteria, using incidence of paediatric OHCA of 10 per 100 000 person-years. Depending on the yield of charts, we may randomly sample from areas with a higher number of charts to achieve as even of distribution as possible across geographic areas while still meeting our goal study sample of 1500 total OHCA cases.

  • OHCA, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.