Table 3

ProQuest Altmetric measures definition37

Altmetric Attention ScoreThe Altmetric Attention Score provides a weighted count of the quantity of attention that a paper has received online and is derived from an automated algorithm.49 The score is weighted based on three main factors: (1) volume (how many times the article is mentioned), (2) sources (where the mentions come from), and (3) authors (authors of the mentions).50 This score helps to identify the level of online activity surrounding an article from a variety of sources (eg, News, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia).
Altmetric Score PercentileThe altmetric score is contextualised into altmetric score percentile to facilitate comparison.
MentionsMentioned by reports sources such as news outlets, blogs, Facebook, tweets,and so on.
ReadersReaders from various sources including Mendeley (free reference manager). Mendeley readership is the number of unique Mendeley users who have added copies of an article to their personal library.51