Table 2

Estimated effect of concussion on salary of exposure group compared with control groups that suffered their concussion Δ=1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years after the exposure group’s concussion event, measured at 2015-level. NExposure: 37 848

Estimated salary effect (δ)95% CIP valueNControl
Δ=1 year−€423(−€919 to 73)0.09534 551
Δ=2 years−€825(−€1108 to −543)<0.00131 851
Δ=3 years−€1019(−€1331 to −707)<0.00129 922
Δ=4 years−€1126(−€1446 to −805)<0.00128 530
Δ=5 years−€1243(−€1564 to −922)<0.00127 421
  • Results obtained from estimations following Eq. (1). Models include controls for high school diploma, gender, age and observation year. Results obtained using reghdfe in Stata.