Table 3

Study 1: descriptive statistics for version 2 (modified) benefit and risk items using 10-point response scales* (n=439)

Item NoItemsMeanMedModeSDSKKur
Benefit items
Imp1 (Importance of) sharing your visit notes with others.5.45513.160.03−1.32
 How important is reading your visit notes for:
Imp2 Taking care of your health?8.39102−1.341.4
Imp3 Remembering the plan for your care?7.88102.47−1.090.35
Imp4 Helping you feel in control of your care?8.149102.11−1.311.3
Imp5 Preparing for your office visits?7.028102.69−0.64−0.65
Imp6 Helping you with your medications†?66103−0.21−1.11
Imp7 Feeling like you have an active role in your medical care?7.829102.48−1.160.48
Risk items
Risk1 How much did you worry about your health after reading your visit notes?7.468102.45−0.79−0.105
Risk2 Now that the office visit notes are available online, how concerned are you about privacy?6.697103.04−0.53−1.03
Risk3 How confusing were the office visit notes?8.6710102−1.823.02
  • *Importance item 1–7 (Imp1 to Imp7) response options: 1=not at all important to 10=extremely important. Risk items 1–3 (Risk1 to Risk3) used item-specific anchors for the 1–10 scale (1=not at all worried/concerned/confusing to 10=extremely worried/concerned/confusing) and were reverse coded.

  • †Asked of 392 patients who reported taking medications.

  • Kur, kurtosis; Med, median; SK, skewness.