Table 5

Study 2: the results of the final run of EFA, including item means, SDs and factor loadings* (n=392)

Item NoHow important is reading your visit notes for:MeanSDFactor loading
Imp2Taking care of your health?8.320.78
Imp3Remembering the plan for your care?
Imp4Helping you feel in control of your care?
Imp5Preparing for your office visits?72.70.74
Risk1How much did you worry about your health after reading your visit notes?
Risk2Now that the office visit notes are available online, how concerned are you about privacy?
Risk3How confusing were the office visit notes?2.320.74
  • n=392, includes only patients who answered all items in the analysis.

  • *Importance item 1–7 (Imp2 to Imp5) response options: 1=not at all important to 10=extremely important. Risk items 1–3 (Risk1 to Risk3) used item-specific anchors for the 1–10 scale (1=not at all worried/concerned/confusing to 10=extremely worried/concerned/confusing) and were reverse coded.

  • EFA, exploratory factor analysis.