Table 2

Study 1: descriptive statistics for version 1 (original) benefit and risk items using a 4-point Likert agreement scale* (n=439)

Item NoItemsn% DKMeanMedModeSDSKKur
Benefit items
1I understand my health and medical conditions better.42733.69440.62−2.315.64
2I take better care of myself.41953.32440.84−1.220.94
3I remember the plan for my care better.4282.53.65440.68−2.24.79
4I feel more in control of my healthcare.43023.64440.64−2.165.37
5I am better prepared for visits.42043.41440.87−1.491.42
6I do better with taking my medications as prescribed†.36473.21441.05−1.09−0.17
Risk items
1I worry more.42731.47110.791.491.06
2I am concerned about my privacy.4282.52.06211.140.49−1.28
3The notes are more confusing than helpful.43511.16110.493.4312.13
4I felt offended.4321.61.12110.433.8714.97
  • *Item stem: As a result of reading my notes. Response options: 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=agree, 4=strongly agree, DK=don’t know.

  • †Asked of 392 patients who reported taking medications.

  • Kur, kurtosis; Med, median; SK, skewness.