Table 2

Standardised protocol for 3DPD acquisition

General settingPower Doppler Mode
No modification of acquisition window
No modification of gain (except for the setting 5)
the operator only has to select the corresponding setting
Setting 1PRF 0.9, Gain −7.2, WMF moy
Setting 2PRF 1,8, Gain −7.2, WMF moy
Setting 3PRF 0.9, Gain −7.2, WMF max
Setting 4PRF 0.9, Gain −7.2, WMF low
Setting 5PRF 0.9, Gain −7.2, WMF moy and manually modification of gain to sub-noise gain (increase gain to artefact limits)
  • 3DPD, three-dimensional power Doppler; PRF, pulse repetition frequency; WMF, wall motion filter.