Table 3

Data collected

Maternal characteristicBody mass index; smoking status; conception mode
Medical historyDiabetes; arterial hypertension; thrombophilia; current treatments
3DPD dataPulsatility index in uterine artery;
Placental volume; myometrium volume
3DPD indices for placental and myometrium (VI, FI, VFI) for different the five machine settings
BiomarkersPAAP-A (mUI/L); PlGF (pg/mL)
Pregnancy follow-upUltrasound (estimation of fetal weight and Doppler resistance index) at different gestational age
No of hospitalisations
Pregnancy outcomesOccurrence of pre-eclampsia or IUGR
Pre-eclampsia complication
Gestational age and mode of delivery
Mode of labour induction
Neonatal outcomesNeonatal weight ; Apgar score
Umbilical artery pH; base excess; lactate
Resuscitation; Admission in neonatal intensive care unit
PlacentaMorphological analysis
  • 3DPD, three-dimensional power Doppler; FI, Flow Index; IUGR, intrauterine growth restriction; VFI, Vascularisation-FI; VI, Vascularisation Index.