Table 3

Participants in APCaRI 01 recruited prediagnosis of prostate cancer

Number of men in 01 protocol who consented as of 30 June 20192293
Prerecruitment biopsy76(3%)
Completed intake table2264(99%)
Completed BMI value at intake2050(89%)
Completed PSA value at intake2259(99%)
Biopsy not performed34(1%)
Diagnostic prostate biopsy2259(99%)
Biopsy positive for malignancy1446(64%)
Biopsy negative for malignancy813(36%)
 Gleason 6410(28%)
 Gleason 7880(61%)
 Gleason ≥8141(10%)
 Radical prostatectomy541(37%)
 Radiation (EBRT)287(20%)
 Radiation (Brachy)108(7%)
 Active surveillance248(17%)
 Androgen deprivation therapy326(23%)
  • APCaRI, Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative; BMI, body mass index; EBRT, external beam radiation therapy; PSA, prostate specific antigen.